Phase 1 : Environment Set up

Once the adobe solution is provisioned to the client, our team goes in and sets up the technical specifications for your team on the back end. We then work with you to get your team familiar with the platform, user capabilities and familiarizing your team members with their tasks within the product.

Phase 2 : Requirements Gathering

The next phase involves discovery or as we call it requirements gathering. For example, gathering the data needed for ingestion to the product, what KPI’s or metrics are you looking to report on, the creative assets used in campaigns, etc. Once this is compiled, our team creates what is called a Technical Solution Design Document (TDD). This maps your requirements into your specific Adobe solution and lays out all deliverables for how we will set it up and configure it.

Phase 3 : Solution Development

This is where the technical developer actually completes the leg work of development. It all begins with DATA, which is prepared by the client and is not touched by M2. We create the structure, data schemas and configure access to data and assets within the solution for you the client. From there, the assembly of the tool is completed. I.e., building of web pages, reports, campaigns, etc.

Phase 4 : Testing

We conduct rigorous testing with use cases based on your business to ensure the solution is performing correctly. Examples of use cases include: Campaigns – trigger, abandon cart, Birthday, Newsletter, new product.

Phase 5 : Go Live

Phases 1-4 are all conducted in what we call a staging/practice environment. All adjustments, configurations and testing is done within the solution and does not impact your live environments. I.e., emails are to test users and the website changes are not yet seen by the public. The final stage involves handing the reins over to your team and going live with your solution.